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We are happy to hear you're interested in adding a rescued animal to your life and are excited to be a part of your journey into adoption! Our greatest joy in life is to see our animals be gifted with the happy ending they deserve. YOU help us be able to give this gift and fulfill our mission of getting animals off the streets into loving forever homes!

Step 1: Apply

Fill out and submit an adoption application through the following link

  • Personal Home Check Policy: Since we are based in Puerto Rico and cannot conduct home checks personally, we ask you to, please, email us photos of your home at:

Step 2: Application Evaluation

A Love Of All Dogs representative will evaluate your adoption application. Be sure to specify the rescued animal that sparked your interest. If you are not sure, we will help you find a perfect match! 

  • Renter Policy: If you live in a rented living arrangement, we will ask you to, please, be sure to include their contact information. This is to ensure that pets are allowed in your property.

  • Veterinary Reference: If you have had or currently have pets, we ask you to, please, include the complete name of the doctor, clinic and contact information. This will help us learn more about your pet ownership history.

  • Personal Reference: The name and contact information of a personal reference (not a family member) will also be contacted in the evaluation process to get to know our applicants better, as well as their previous history with pets.

Step 3: Follow up

A follow up email and/or call will be arranged with you to further discuss and go through your adoption application. We will make sure that you understand the responsibilities and lifelong commitment that comes with adopting a new pet and that the rescue you are interested in is compatible with your lifestyle. Please allow a period of 1-5 days for processing your application and know that it is very important to us. Be sure to check your voicemail and email regularly during this time.

Step 4: Approval

Only after being approved as an adopter will you have the opportunity to schedule a “Meet and Greet” with the rescued animal of your interest. If successful, the next step is to submit the Adoption Fee and Adoption Contract.

  • The Adoption Fee is a non-refundable donation towards the care of our rescued animals and is not negotiable. It covers their vetting upon rescue, their flight, age appropriate boosters at the time of adoption, rabies vaccination, spay/neuter and microchip at our partner vet or under our rescue ASPCA account. If the adopter chooses to use a third party for these services, they will do so at their own expense.

  • The Adoption Contract is a legal agreement that specifies the conditions of adoption through Love Of All Dogs Rescue. It establishes that you will provide the rescued animal with love, care and attention as well as the appropriate medical care on an annual basis or as needed.

Step 5: Completion 

After the completion of these steps, you are ready to take home the new addition to your family and the unconditional love of a rescued animal. Congratulations! We invite you to read our "About your new pet" information sheet to help you start your new life as a pet parent. We are always available to help you in your new life as an adopter and want you to feel welcome to contact us regarding any issue. The period of adjustment for each animal will be different and we ask that you be patient with them, and with us, as we try to provide guidance.

Step 6: Adoption Updates

Our rescue works through Open Adoptions. We will follow up on our adoptions, from time to time, for months and years to come. You may receive a call or email asking you for an update on your rescued adopted animal. We wish to, little by little, create a community of all the great adopters from Love Of All Dogs rescue and have you be a part of it!

If you cannot find a local rescue associated with our organization, please check Adopt-a-Pet for animals in your area in need of rescuing.
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