Our Team

Nilsa Delgado, Founder & President (Chief Rescue Officer)

Nilsa has taken part in the rescue and rehabilitation of countless dogs since 2015. She increased her efforts when hurricanes Irma and Maria battered the island and left many people homeless resulting in many more stray dogs. It was her energy and drive behind this mission that led to the formation of Love of All Dogs Inc.


Born in Brooklyn, NY, Nilsa and her family moved to Puerto Rico when she was five years old. She spent all her adult life on the east side of the island where she raised 3 wonderful humans and has amassed an ever fluctuating number of dogs. She now lives in Rio Grande where she does most of her rescue work. It is there that she met our co-founder Nydia and LOAD was conceived.

Nilsa has a master’s in criminal justice and joined the PR police force in July of 1998. Over her 22 years on the force, she rose to the rank of lieutenant with the DEA Task Force. She briefly taught as a university professor between 2010-2014, but traded in grading papers for rescuing pups in 2015. She has since saved over a thousand dogs and dedicates every free moment she has to animal rescue. Her love for these animals is immeasurable and, as she says, they are her greatest joy and at many times her greatest sadness. Despite the long days and nights, lack of personal time and the financial toll, she approaches each rescue with love and a dedication that is unmatched.

Nilsa Delgado - LOAD Dogs
Nydia Ramos - LOAD Dogs

Nydia Ramos, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer

Nydia spent 20 years in the financial services industry before retiring in June of 2020. She adopted her first rescue dog in 2008 and, while always appreciating the world of rescue, she got a crash course and a first-hand experience upon meeting Nilsa during her 2018 visit to Puerto Rico. It was then that she bore witness to Nilsa’s unwavering commitment to the Satos of the island. Inspired by Nilsa’s deep rooted passion for these animals and driven by her own love for animals and the island of Puerto Rico, Nydia came home resolute in her goal to help Nilsa create her own rescue. Three months later, Love of All Dogs was born.

As the only other founding member in the NYC area, she has welcomed many sleepless nights and endless days doing all the hard work that accompanies supporting an independent rescuer and turning her life’s mission into the very organization that exists today. Nydia not only fostered countless Satos, she has established a foster program, handled adoptions and travel to the states, as well as all managed social media and medical coordination. Today, Nydia continues to handle all aspects of the rescue as Chief Operations Officer and serves as Nilsa’s right hand, entrusted with the best interests of all LOAD rescue pups as well as their rescuer, and her closest friend, Nilsa. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family and 4 dogs, 3 of which are LOAD graduates.

Sue Pillot, Operations Manager and Adoption Coordinator

Sue spent 25 years as a Registered Nurse before retiring and dedicating herself to rescue fulltime. She has been in the rescue world over 20 years, starting with her local ACC and finally finding her home at LOAD after volunteering at 6 other rescues (some of which she still helps on her “spare” time). She has assisted in saving/rehabilitating countless dogs with severe medical/behavioral issues and has had too many dogs go through her doors to count.

Sue joined the LOAD family in 2019 after signing up to foster a puppy with whom she immediately fell in love and adopted. True to her nature, she also joined the team, took over and revamped our adoption process, and quickly became Nydia’s right hand. Sue currently lives in Massachusetts with her family and pack of 5 dogs, which always includes a new medical rescue that she wholeheartedly commits to.

Sue Pillot - LOAD Dogs
Cherrise Iacono - LOAD Dogs

Cherisse Iacono, Marketing Manager and Social Media Curator

Cherisse is a high school English teacher who first got involved in rescue work after adopting an abused Pitbull from a local rescue. She spent almost three years volunteering for a large Northeast rescue which included rescuing dogs, caring for the dogs, handling foster placements, coordinating medical care and creating social media content to benefit the rescue pups.

Cherisse met Nilsa through her work with another rescue and was inspired by her vast rescue efforts in Puerto Rico. It had always been a goal of hers to work directly with Nilsa after meeting her and admiring her selfless work to save the Satos of Puerto Rico. The opportunity to jump on board with the Love of All Dogs rescue family arose in March of 2020. She was honored and excited to become a part of a true grassroots organization dedicated to the saving, rehabilitation and rehoming of the Satos of Puerto Rico.

Elizabeth Irwin, Foster and Transport Coordinator 

Elizabeth is a writer and teacher who used to “not be a dog person” until she adopted her first rescue dog, Sinatra, and fell in love. She thought Sinatra might appreciate a canine sibling so she started fostering for a bully rescue through which she met Nilsa and, soon after, began fostering exclusively  for LOAD. Her specialty has been fostering large adult pit mixes, often overlooked but, to her, the very best dogs.


She volunteers now as the LOAD foster coordinator, playing matchmaker with pups and people, picking pups up at the airport and getting them safely to their foster homes and lots more fun behind the scenes work. You can find her on IG at @adoptabullpup