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Our Team

Nilsa Delgado, Founder & President (Chief Rescue Officer)

Nilsa has taken part in the rescue and rehabilitation of countless dogs since 2015. She increased her efforts when hurricanes Irma and Maria battered the island and left many people homeless resulting in many more stray dogs. It was her energy and drive behind this mission that led to the formation of Love of All Dogs Inc.


Born in Brooklyn, NY, Nilsa and her family moved to Puerto Rico when she was five years old. She spent all her adult life on the east side of the island where she raised 3 wonderful humans and has amassed an ever fluctuating number of dogs. She now lives in Rio Grande where she does most of her rescue work. It is there that she met our co-founder Nydia and LOAD was conceived.

Nilsa has a master’s in criminal justice and joined the PR police force in July of 1998. Over her 22 years on the force, she rose to the rank of lieutenant with the DEA Task Force. She briefly taught as a university professor between 2010-2014, but traded in grading papers for rescuing pups in 2015. She has since saved over a thousand dogs and dedicates every free moment she has to animal rescue. Her love for these animals is immeasurable and, as she says, they are her greatest joy and at many times her greatest sadness. Despite the long days and nights, lack of personal time and the financial toll, she approaches each rescue with love and a dedication that is unmatched.

Nilsa Delgado - LOAD Dogs
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